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Brown Betty Teapot - The English Teapot


Making great cups of tea since the 17th century, the Brown Betty teapot is the ideal teapot for you or anyone to own.

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Yixing Teapot - Purple Sand Clay Teapot


An Yixing teapot is the perfect little teapot for brewing your Chinese tea.

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Tea Accessories


The right tea accessories more than complement your tea, they can make all the difference and enhance your tea drinking experience to the next level.

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Teas for the Immune System - Boost your Defenses

Teas for the Immune System are great daily companions that may help your body to build defenses against diseases.

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Teas for Hair - Strength and Beauty in Each Strand

Herbal teas for hair may be used internally and externally to promote not only hair strength and growth.

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