Dandelion Tea

The Perfect Cleansing Tea

Have a cup of Dandelion tea and this herb will never again be a mere weed in your garden.

Perfect to treat liver or kidney issues, this cleansing tea is the balanced diuretic you need to reduce water retention and fight urinary infections.

Let’s take a closer look at this rejuvenating herbal medicine.

What is Dandelion Herbal Tea?

Dandelion herbal tea is made from the leaves and roots, sometimes even the entire herb of the plant that goes by the Latin name of taraxacum officinale.

The common name Dandelion was, according to legend, given by a 15th century surgeon for its sharp, serrated leaves that recall the teeth of a lion. In French, lion’s tooth is said dent de lion or dande lion, becoming dandelion in modern times.

Dandelion 01

This herb is a perennial, native to Europe and temperate climates with shiny leaves that are 5 to 25cm (2 to 9.8 inches) long.

In the Spring you will likely see this single flower with numerous thin petals ranging in color from yellow to orange growing in pastures, meadows and lawns where it is considered a mere weed.

At the end of the summer as the flower head dries, the wind will take care to spread the seeds by blowing them in all directions.

This dried flower brings back wonderful childhood memories and even today we cannot resist the temptation of picking a dandelion, blowing on it and seeing its white feathery seeds fly around.

Enjoy this little child-like pleasure and feel good about yourself for having helped a medicinal plant to spread.

Chinese traditional medicine has been using the whole herb for centuries as a cleansing tea that helps your digestion, by breaking up the fat components in your food at a faster rate.

Also, in India it has long been used for liver complaints such as hepatitis, jaundice, and even boils and abscesses.

In the Western world, roots and leaves are usually separated, though both are used to make tea. Today, from an infusion of toasted ground dandelion roots, you can brew yourself a good caffeine free coffee substitute, often called dandelion coffee.

Whereas from the leaves you may come up with interesting recipes for salads, as they can be eaten raw, for a pleasant, yet slightly bitter taste. Either brewed as tea or eaten, dandelion is, as you will soon find out, a great help to tone the liver.

You may even use dandelion flowers to prepare dandelion juice, wine, beer or ale. There is a vast world of uses for the little dandelion weed out there.

This herbal tea is certainly worth a place in your pantry. Find out how it can help improve the quality of your life and make you feel like a lion.

Benefits of Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea is crucial to help you fight bacteria and viruses, so when drinking this powerful cleansing tea, think about all the wonderful nutrients that you are ingesting.

This tea is rich in vitamins A, B, C, D, as well as iron, magnesium, zinc, potassium, manganese, copper and calcium among other minerals. It also contains bitter glycosides, tannins, triterpenes, inulin, sterols and carotenoids.

Liver Cleanse

  • Keeping your liver healthy is an important step to avoid serious illnesses. Is it difficult? Not at all! Dandelion tea is the perfect cleansing tea to help you.

    It increases production of bile in the liver and eases the emptying of bile from the gall bladder, thus helping to remove gall stones.

  • Its anti-inflammatory properties help to reduce inflammation in the gall bladder and bile duct and help your liver recover from alcohol damage. This does not mean the end of hangovers, but it may mean that you will get back on your feet quicker.

  • A healthy liver is also great to ensure hormonal balance. This is incredibly important especially to relieve symptoms related with painful menstruation or imbalances brought on by reaching menopause causing symptoms like mood swings.

  • Additionally, it stimulates the pancreas, helping the production of insulin.

Weight Loss Aid

Dandelion 02

  • The battle against weight problems may seem endless and at times you feel like you are losing hope.

    Keep positive and motivated with healthy teas that can contribute to your effort to lose weight.

  • As a diuretic, dandelion tea helps to reduce water retention, fight cellulite and rid your organism of unnecessary and unhealthy fats.

  • Start your day with a cup of this tea and experience a metabolism boost. This energetic and restorative tonic will also help you to take actions such as using the stairs instead of the lift or going for a walk on your lunch break.

    Your body will happily respond to a healthier you.

Treat Digestion Problems

  • Fatty foods or eating too much may cause serious discomfort. Nausea or heartburn can really ruin the fun if, like many people, you enjoy the pleasure of eating well and trying new flavors.

  • Though eating in moderation is always highly recommended, sometimes there are foods that even in small quantities may not be well digested. So the best thing to do is to have a cup of dandelion tea with your meal or after it.

    It activates the digestive fluids so that you will be able to digest better, avoid constipation, bloating or diarrhea.

  • A family reunion or the holidays will no longer be a problem. Dandelion tea will be there to help you and your family as well. This tea is highly recommended during the winter, when you are likely to be less active.

Prevent Cardiovascular Diseases

  • It’s such a great feeling to have your heart pounding with strength and health, isn’t it? So, how is your heart? Are you taking care of it? Daily stresses, lack of exercise and a poor diet may damage it leading to cardiovascular diseases.

  • To lessen your worries, pour yourself a cup of dandelion tea. Its properties can help you lower blood pressure and bad cholesterol levels and help treat type I and II diabetes.

    And the presence of vitamin C may help you to retain iron properly when you are suffering from anemia.

  • Drinking this medicinal tea daily will purify the blood and cleanse the circulatory system. Combine it with physical exercise and healthy food, and you will start feeling as strong as a lion.

Detoxifying Agent

  • Another important thing to keep us healthy is to rid your body of toxins. How do you do that? By drinking tea! Again the fact that dandelion tea is a great diuretic comes in great aid. This tea will help your body to release toxins through urine.

  • It increases production of urine, which aids in the elimination of kidney stones and residual substances.

    And because dandelion tea is rich in potassium, you will not likely be in risk of potassium deficiency, as the tea will balance out what is lost through urine.

    Your body needs potassium to help get rid of excess sodium, responsible for high blood pressure.

  • This tea may be great for treating urinary infections and cystitis. By drinking this tea, you will increase the intake of antioxidants, strong weapons that kill off the bacteria in your urinary tract.

    So say goodbye to the itching, pain and discomfort every time you go to the bathroom. This immune system booster will help you feel much better!

Cleansed Complexion

  • This benefit of tea brewed from dandelion is one you will experience even if unintentionally. Drinking a diuretic and cleansing tea will improve your skin.

    As a tea it will keep you hydrated, as a cleanser, it will give you a healthier and fresher look just by ridding your organism of nasty toxins, all due to the high amount of antioxidants present in this herbal medicine.

  • For an even more beautiful skin that will show every time you look in the mirror, you may apply this tea topically to treat scars, skin inflammations, rashes, cuts and even insect bites. At the same time, skin clarity will increase.

  • Use it as a face wash and clean your skin twice a day. Try to avoid greasy foods; vegetables and fruits are important allies to keep your skin healthy.

  • Here’s a tip: prepare yourself a hot bath and pour some Dandelion leaves or tea bags in your tub. It’s great for your skin and it will relax you as well.

Other Dandelion Tea Benefits

  • This tea also contains more beta-carotene than carrots, which may improve your night-time vision.

  • The cleansing action of this tea does not limit itself to the liver and stomach. It helps to remove pesticides, pollutants and other toxic substances from your joints, thus helping to prevent inflammation and arthritic pain.

  • It is a great tonic for both men and women. For the former it may be used to promote prostate cleansing and for helping with impotence or infertility problems. The latter may use it as a uterine tonic, nourishing the reproductive system.

  • Have a cup of this tea when suffering from a cold or the flu. Dandelion infusions may bring strength, nourishment and vitality when you most need it.

  • The presence of calcium in dandelion tea makes it a good beverage to help prevent osteoporosis and other bone related issues.

  • Finally, this is a great tea to help you deal with vascular headaches, which result from ingesting cold foods, too much alcohol or, sadly, sweets.

Do not miss these interesting detox blends of your favorite cleansing herb!

Side Effects of Dandelion Tea

Dandelion tea will indeed bring you many health benefits. Unfortunately, though this tea is in general safe, there are some aspects of which you should be aware.

  • If you are allergic to milky latex in the stem and leaves, please consult your doctor prior to drinking this tea.

  • Do not ingest this tea or any other form of dandelion leaves if you are taking medication that is intended to act as a diuretic or treat diabetes.

    This herb may increase the effect if such medications and may do more damage than good. In these circumstances, as with many herbal teas, it is always advisable to talk to your doctor first.

  • If you suffer from acid indigestion or are on a hiatus hernia diet, avoid drinking this tea, as the symptoms might be worsened.

Dandelion tea and Pregnancy

If you are either pregnant or breastfeeding, then you have every right to ask if this tea is safe for you. And the answer is: Yes!

Yes, dandelion tea is safe and it can help avoid birth defects due to its high amount of vitamins and minerals. It may also aid you if you suffer from constipation, which is common among pregnant women, as it contains diuretic properties.

However, dandelion tea may trigger appetite loss and nausea, so if you tend to experience morning sickness, be careful when drinking this tea.

We do advise you to talk to your doctor first! Pregnancy and breastfeeding are two situations when hormonal imbalance may occur and other diseases that lay dormant during other periods of your life may now spring up and harm both you and your bouncing bundle of joy.

Dandelion 03

Drinking Dandelion Tea

Now that you learned all about the powerful health benefits this tea can offer you and your family, it is time to learn how to make Dandelion tea.

Here is one way:

  • Take 60g of leaves and roots per liter of boiling water and let rest for 10 minutes. Take a cup before every meal and you will feel much better and lighter.

And alternative way would be:

  • Take 6 dandelion leaves per teacup. First, you tear the leaves into small strips and place them in the bottom of each cup and then pour boiling water over the leaves to fill the cup.

  • Let rest for 5 to 10 minutes and finally strain your tea. Your dandelion tea will be golden or amber in color. You may drink your tea hot or iced.

Dandelion tea is strong and has an intense and bitter taste, but this can be overcome by sweetening with honey or sugar.

Here’s a tip: if you want to sweeten your tea with something other than sugar or honey, you can always mix it with licorice to lighten the dandelion bitter taste. Licorice also helps digestion and it is a great herb that helps balance the flavor of more intense ones.

Taste this wonderful tea today and live a healthier and cleansed life.

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