Holy Basil Tea
Another Name for Tulsi Tea

Holy Basil tea is another name for Tulsi tea, a tea best known for its triple action in terms of health benefits.

What is Holy Basil?

This tea, made from the tulsi plant, or holy basil (in Latin, ocimum tenuiflorum), that grows both in Europe and Asia in tropical climates.

Holy basil is very important in Ayurvedic traditional medicine, due to its life balancing properties. Its name comes from the fact that it is also used in Hindu religious practice.

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Benefits of Holy Basil

Today it is almost impossible not to feel pressured by work, by family life, or by any of the constant demands that are made on your time every single day. No wonder that sometimes we all feel a bit overwhelmed.

  • Tea made with holy basil can play an important role in your life. As a wonderful adaptogen, which means that it will help you fight both physical and emotional stress.

  • A holy basil infusion boosts your immune system with its high content of antioxidants, improving the main functions of your body and warding off the most serious physical threats to your body.

  • Lastly, it improves oxygen efficiency in your body. So if you feel tired and run down, this tea will help stimulate your body.

Side Effects of Holy Basil Tea

The best thing about this tea is the fact that it has no known side effects. However, this still means that you should check with your doctor before taking this tea medicinally, even more so if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Once cleared by your physician, enjoy your cup of tea.

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Drinking Holy Basil Infusions

Here are a few quick tips and suggestions on how to make holy basil tea so that you can enjoy it at its best.

  • Start by boiling water.

  • Place 1 teaspoon of dried holy basil per cup of water in the teapot.

  • Let your tea infuse for 5 minutes.

  • Add sugar and milk to taste.

  • The final step is to simply strain your tea and then to drink it.

Is there more to this tea? Yes!

There is still so much you can learn about holy basil, so pop over to the Tulsi tea page and read about what more benefits you and your family may receive from this tea.

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