Po Cha
A Tibetan Tea Recipe

Po Cha is also known as Tibetan Butter Tea.

Tibetan tea is an essential drink for Tibetans. It gives you the energy you need, it cleanses your body, it keeps you warm and healthy.

To extent the power of this tea and to offer tea lovers new experiences, Tibetans created different kinds of Tibetan tea, by adding extra ingredients.

Curious? As always, we are glad to guide you through new adventurous and help you find new flavors, so come with us and let s discover what this beverage holds for you.

Po cha or Tibetan Butter Tea

This drink is the most typical Tibetan drink. If you happen to visit a Tibetan house, you will certainly have the pleasure to experiment it and feel it warming up your body and soul!

But let us learn how to brew it ourselves...


  • plain black tea (2 tea bags or 1 tbsp. of loose leaf);

  • tsp. of salt;

  • 2 tbsp. of butter;

  • cup of milk;

  • 1 churn or large container with a lid.

If you are in Tibet it is more difficult to brew this tea because it comes in bricks, which means you have to boil it for several hours to achieve that magic liquid.

However, there are easier ways to do it. Loose black tea leaves or black tea bags are good options as well.

So check if you have all the ingredients and let s begin. We will guide you step by step.

Step 1

Choose 5 or 6 cups of your china and boil the necessary water to fill them.

Step 2

Pour two tea bags or one tbsp. of loose leaf into the boiling water and wait 2-3 minutes. Watch the liquid gaining its strength and color. Look how the black tea leaves dance and inhale this magical aroma. Wonderful isn t it?

Step 3

Gently remove the tea bags or strain the tea leaves. We know you can already feel its intensity, but it s not over yet. The best part is coming!

Step 4

Take your container or blender and pour your fine liquid in it. Then add salt, butter and milk. Shake it for 2 or 3 minutes. See its amazing color? Ready to feel it?

Step 5

Use your tea cups and serve Po Cha immediately to enjoy a world of new sensations.

Enjoy Tibetan tea now!

This delicious tea will keep you warm in the winter and help you feel healthy and strong. Black tea is more than an energetic beverage, it is a world waiting to be discovered and cherished.

Shall we continue exploring? Of course! Join us, as we keep searching for new teas that may be the right choice for you and your loved ones.

Learn more about Tibetan Tea and its health benefits.

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”Tea is naught but this: First you heat the water, then you make the tea, then you drink it properly. That is all you need to know.” - Rikyû, 16th century Tea Master

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