Senna Tea
A Natural Laxative

Senna tea
Senna tea is a well known natural laxative that may help treat colon issues and aid in weight loss.

However, given its powerful action in the intestines it is important that you should know more about this herb before brewing it as a cleansing tea.

What is Senna?

Let’s begin by looking at what senna is.

From the Latin, cassia angustifolia, senna alexandrina, cassia accutifolia or cassia sene, senna can also be referred to as cassia sena, cassia marilandica, wild senna or locust plant.

With over 250 species of senna, the two most widely exported varieties are cassia accutifolia and cassia angustifolia.

This herb native to the Middle East, Africa and Asia, but some species may also found in the US, in a more temperature climate.

Senna is a small shrub, no higher than 60cm with yellowish–green to pale olive leaflets. These same leaflets and seeds are handpicked and dried so that afterwards they can be brewed into tea. Yellow delicate senna flowers bloom to make beautiful decorations.

Historically, senna tea has been used for its health benefits since the 9th century AD by Arabian doctors and in Asia to treat fever, indigestion, infection, dysentery, bronchitis, seizures and skin diseases, though effectiveness of this has never been proven.

It was also used in Ayurvedic medicine to fight liver, skin and respiratory problems and by Egyptian physicians to treat their royal patients and the elite for constipation.

From the Renaissance onwards, senna herbal tea became most commonly used as a laxative around the world.

Let’s move forward and see how this powerful natural laxative may be of help to you.

Benefits of Senna Tea

This natural laxative contains glycosides, sennosides, flavonoids, mucilage, sugar, resin and anthraquinone derivatives, being the latter responsible for the intestinal movements, by interacting with bacteria in the digestive tract, and thus causing consequent laxative action.

How is a natural laxative useful for you?

Constipation Treatment

  • If you often feel constipated, you know this can be a painful problem. Senna tea is a strong laxative used to relieve constipation by stimulating your colon muscle.

  • Constipation may be the result of dehydration and low consumption of fiber, even stress and tension may bring it about.

    So begin by taking senna herbal tea in the lowest dose possible as too much may cause unpleasant effects. Be patient and wait between 6 to 12 hours for it to start working.

  • Though senna will help as an occasional severe constipation treatment method, it’s best to start including fiber in your diet and to drink plenty of water. Exercise may also help if your intestinal problems are caused by stress.

Weight Loss Tea

  • Some weight loss teas include senna in their herbal blends. Natural laxatives like this one may offer you the temporary slimming tea solution you are looking for, but may also bring on serious health problems if drunk for more than 7 days.

  • This cleansing tea indeed reduces your appetite, but it also helps food move more quickly through the intestine before all the nutrients and calories are absorbed in the body.

    Yes, you may be losing weight, but through a rather unhealthy process.

  • The best option is to choose foods, drinks and teas that increase your metabolism. Green and oolong teas are highly recommended.

    They are safer and have longer lasting effects. Use a senna infusion as an initial cleansing method to rid your body of toxins and harmful waste, but then move on to other teas and foods that can become a part of your daily diet.

Senna tea

Other Uses for a Natural Laxative

  • This cleansing tea can be used to expel intestinal worms and toxins from your body.

  • It comes in great aid if you have undergone rectal surgery or have a hernia, particularly inguinal hernias.

  • It’s also useful if you need to have a colonoscopy performed on you. Drinking this tea prior to your medical exam and letting it clear your intestines will result in a clearer and sharper image for your doctor to analyse. Consult your doctor beforehand.

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Senna Tea Side Effects

While this tea may offer you relief from painful constipation, to use it safely you should never drink it for long periods of time. Overuse may lead to a weakened bowel, unwanted dependency and urine discolouration.

Laxatives, even herbal ones, are powerful remedies, so please take into consideration the indications below before you drink this tea.

Precautions when taking Senna Tea:

  • Although this natural herb has been used for more than a hundred years, it’s best to consult with your physician first before taking it, especially seniors.

  • Senna herbal tea may lower your potassium levels, so you shouldn’t combine it with diuretics that also have the same effect.

    Low potassium level, also known as electrolyte imbalance, can lead to changes in your heart rhythm and physical weakness.

  • Senna infusions may interact with drugs called calcium channel blockers and enhance the potency of other herbs you might be taking, causing an adverse reaction.

  • Its quick action prevents the absorption of nutrients through your colon depriving you of important minerals and vitamins.

Too much Senna Tea may cause:

  • If you drink too much of this tea, you may experience abdominal pains, nausea, diarrhea, vomiting, rash, swelling of the fingertips, weight loss and dark pigmentation in the colon.

    This also happens if you take this tea for long periods of time. Chronic liver and kidney damage may also occur.

  • The overuse of this infusion may also damage the colon and rectum, become desensitized, which in turn causes strong dependency and long term recurring issues.

  • It may also cause bone loss, muscle weakness and water retention.

Do not take this tea if you belong to one of the following groups:

  • If you are pregnant, nursing or have an inflamed uterus, then avoid drinking senna herbal tea. You should not give it to your children.

  • Do you suffer from abdominal hernia, liver or kidney diseases, cystitis, dehydration, nausea? Then you should also avoid this tea.

  • Are you taking medication, suffer from heart disease, anemia or blood vessel diseases? Senna tea is not for you. Consult with your doctor for another laxative that does not interact with any medication you may be on.

  • If you suffer from appendicitis or inflammatory intestinal disorders, such as Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, hemorrhoids or ulcers, senna tea is not recommended for you.

Drinking Senna Tea

Learn how to make senna tea so that you may benefit from this natural laxative in the best way possible.

  • Start by pouring hot (not boiling) water over ½ to 2 grams (one-quarter teaspoon) of crushed senna herb.

    Avoid using teabags as they may contain too much or too little of the herb. With such powerful infusions, it’s always best that you control exactly what goes into your teacup.

  • Allow your tea to steep for 10 minutes and then strain.

  • Alternative brewing method: You may also steep your senna in cold water for 12 hours. It is said to have less cramping effects as this process lowers the amount of resin in tea.

  • Senna tea will offer you an amber colour, a weak odor and a bitter taste.

Here are some tips and recommendations that will help you with this natural constipation treatment:

  • To reduce the cramping effect and stomach pains, you should use a small amount of senna and mix it with other soothing herbs like fennel, orange peel, cinnamon, coriander, anise or ginger. Make yourself a soothing tea.

  • It is best to drink your tea before going to bed. This cleansing tea takes from 6 to 12 hours to work, so you should feel the effects in the morning. Do not go for another cup of tea just because you do not feel the effects right away. Let it work.

  • Don’t drink more than two cups a day and do not use it for more than seven consecutive days, unless recommended by your doctor.

  • If it’s your first time trying senna, take smaller amounts to see how you react to it and to avoid any possible cramping.

Senna tea can offer you constipation relief and a refreshing experience when taken in small amounts for a short period of time.

It can be very helpful but keep in mind all its side effects.

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Senna tea

Continue your journey through the world of tea. Let it lead you to a healthier and happier life.

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