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Lemon Balm Tea - A Soothing and Healing Tea

Lemon balm tea is the ideal tea to take when you are feeling under the weather. If your stomach is acting up or you have a bad cold, this is the herbal tea you should drink.

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Passion Flower Tea - The Calming Floral Tea

Passion flower tea is a calming tea made from the vine and flower of this plant.

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Neem Tea - The Indian Healer

Neem tea is an Indian healing infusion that has been used for ages by traditional Ayurveda medicine to treat various ailments.

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Turmeric Tea - Digestive Root Tea

Turmeric tea is a traditional remedy that has been enjoyed by many cultures for thousands of years.

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Hops Tea - A Sedative Tea

Hops tea is a calming tea ideal to drink after a stressful day that has left you feeling nervous and on edge.

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