Drinking Herbal Teas
Why do We Love Them So Much?

Rosemary Herb

We all have sipped a cup or two of these herbal teas at some point of our lives, haven't we?

Or is it because they remind us of a time when mom or grandma gave us a cup of tea when we were feeling poorly?

Here you will learn exactly what infusions are, take a glimpse at their immense variety and, of course, get to know the many health benefits they can provide you.

Let's begin with the most important of all questions!

Infusions or Tisanes

What is an Herbal Tea?

Tea made from herbs, also known as tisane, is not considered a “real” tea because it does not come from the tea plant Camellia Sinensis.

This fact does not reduce in any way their importance in your life.

Chamomile Tea

You refer to them as infusions, because you pour boiling water over dried or fresh leaves, flowers, grasses, barks, roots, seeds or fruits.

This is how you obtain that special taste you love, combined with the wonderful health benefits each herb unlocks.

Just to give you an idea...

...some are natural herbal sedatives, such as valerian tea, others are cleansing teas, such as ginger. From your hair to your finger nails and all that flows in between there is practically a tea or infusion for every circumstance.

Like this, there are more interesting myths that we believe about herbal infusions that may not always be true. Take a look and find out a little more about these teas at Top 10 Herbal Tea Myths.

Herbal Tea Benefits

The list of herbal infusions is vast, so if you can't make your mind straight away, browse through the following sections and find the tea that best suits your needs.

Herbal Teas or Infusions

Acai tea Astragalus tea
Agrimony tea Barley tea
Alfalfa tea Bilberry tea
Aloe Vera tea Black Cohosh tea
Anise tea
Black Currant tea
Arnica tea
Burdock tea
Artichoke tea

Cardamom tea Dandelion tea
Catnip tea Dill tea
Chamomile tea Echinacea tea
Chickweed tea Elderberry tea
Cinnamon tea Ephedra tea
Comfrey tea Eucalyptus tea
Cornsilk tea

Fennel tea Holy Basil tea
Fenugreek tea Hops tea
Garlic tea Horehound tea
Ginger tea Horsetail tea
Hawthorn tea Hyssop tea
Hibiscus tea

Lemon balm tea Olive Leaf tea
Lemongrass tea Parsley tea
Licorice tea Passion Flower tea
Linden tea Red Clover tea
Mugwort tea Rooibos tea
Mullein tea Rosehip tea
Neem tea Rosemary tea
Nettle tea

Sage tea Thyme tea
Sassafras tea Tulsi tea
Senna tea Turmeric tea
Slippery Elm tea
Valerian tea
St John's Wort tea Wild Cherry tea
Star Anise tea Wormwood tea


Other Herbal Infusions include

Boldo tea; Chrysanthemum tea; Essiac tea; Gentian tea; Ginseng tea; Honeybush tea; Hydrangea tea; Lemon Verbena Tea; Lotus Flower tea; Peppermint tea...

...among many, many others.

Relaxation, serenity, energy and wellness are some of the benefits you can enjoy by entering the herbal world. And the blending possibilities make each cup of tea a wonderful and unique experience.

Why not arm yourself with some of the best Herbal tea guides around?

They provide excellent herbal blending ideas and offer insight into other forms of herbal remedies.

Go ahead and choose your right tea!

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”While there's tea there's hope.” - Sir Arthur Wing Pinero (1855-1934), British actor

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