Tea for Bones
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How to chose an herbal tea for bones, nails and tissue health?

Accidents happen and over time, our bodies take more time to heal and need help to heal properly.

As kids, sprains and breaking bones comes a bit with the territory of playing and exploring the world around us. However, as we age, bones tend to become more fragile and break more easily as our bodies retain less calcium, leading to a disease called osteoporosis.

The onset of this disease could be prevented, or at least delayed, with the help of some calcium and silica rich herbal teas. And if an accident does happen, drinking or applying these infusions could help speed up recovery time, relieving pain at the same time.

Many of the teas that are helpful for promoting bone density are also helpful when it comes to soothing arthritic or rheumatic inflammation, repairing muscle and torn ligaments, and even just helping to strengthen your brittle nails.

Choose an Herbal Tea for Bones, Muscles and Nails

Herbal teas may be used to repair bones and tissue damage. Search for the tea that is the most appropriate for your needs.

  • Black cohosh tea a great resource for rheumatic pains, it is filled with elements that help flush out toxins responsible for the inflammation. It is also considered a sedative, relieving pain and improving blood flow. It is a great tea for women going through menopause, as it may slow down bone loss that often leads to osteoporosis.

  • Comfrey tea this infusion has a long reputation for helping to repair fractures, restore and promote the growth of muscle and tissue cells. Apply it topically, over the bruised area to soothe the pain as well as speed up treatment.

  • Dong quai tea a restorative tea for muscles and joints, that is particularly helpful for rheumatoid and arthritic pains. Applied over the affected area, it is said to help reduce the pain and inflammation, and relieve pressure on the site.

  • Horsetail tea this wonderful infusion is said to aid in tissue repair due to its high content of silica. At the same time, the presence of calcium in this tea promotes the healthy growth of hair and nails. This is one of the most reputable teas when it comes to repairing tissue, muscle and bones in your body.

  • Red clover tea Another ideal tea to drink when going through menopause as it may help to balance out estrogen levels, not only reducing the symptoms associated with menopause, but also slowing down the damage to your bones that often occurs at this stage in life.

  • Sarsaparilla tea this herbal tea has a long history as a natural remedy for rheumatic pain and inflammation.

  • Vervain tea this tea is particularly valued as a sedative in the presence of sprains and bruises.

  • Yerba mate tea a caffeinated herbal tea, it is rich in calcium and silica, with are essential elements for bones, tissue, hair and nails. It helps to provide healthy energy so that your muscles endure exercise better, maintain your balance and motor coordination.

Other Herbal Teas for Bone and Muscle Health

There are other teas that may help you build up your muscle and bone strength. Explore each one and find out all the benefits they may provide as well as how to best use them.

Build strong bones with these herbal teas

Other Suggestions to Strengthen Your Bones and Muscles

Keeping strong and health is particularly important as we age, so here are a few suggestions that may help you not only to ease your recovery, but also perhaps prevent issues and accidents as time goes by.

  • You ve had a fall and need to use a cast and perhaps crutches. Make sure to follow the doctor s recommendations and don t put pressure on the bruised area. Otherwise, you may risk prolonging the need for the cast.

  • If your doctor has recommended some form of physiotherapy after a bad fall, do not skip on the exercises as they may help prevent joint pain in the future. You don t want to be that person who knows when the weather changes by the aches in your joints.

  • You don t need to run to be healthy, walking not strolling or window shopping could provide the cardiac exercise you need, build endurance, strength, without the impact that often causes damage to joints, particularly in the knees.

  • Did you know that Tai Chi is a form of martial arts? If you do it properly, with controlled movements at the right speed you can not only build strength, but also obtain more balance, essential to preventing falls as we age.

In Summary

Remember that healing takes time and you need to trust the process. Do your research and talk your doctor about how herbal teas may help to supplement your treatment and how they may help prevent issues later on.

May these herbal teas help to keep you whole!

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