Teas for UTI
Relief for Urinary Tract Infection

teas for uti
Teas for UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) may help not only when you are suffering from a mild form of infection, but some may also help enhance your defenses against some bacterial strains.

Urinary tract infections are much more common than you would believe. Often, they are caused by bacteria (E. coli) that reside in the intestines that make their way into the urethra canal.

They may be caused by other viral or bacterial agents, so the first step you have to take is to go to the doctor and get tested to determine the severity of the UTI. Some infections are hard to tackle with common UTI medication or herbal treatments and need specific antibiotics, this is way it s important to know what is causing you so much trouble.

Urinary tract infections left unattended may not only be extremely bothersome, with irritation and pain while urinating, but may eventually cause fevers, nausea, and harm to your kidneys and bladder, weakening them in the long run.

Your doctor will not only prescribe the right medication for you, but will also recommend that you drink lots of water to help you flush out the bacteria that has attached to your urinary tract walls. Take this opportunity to discuss drinking some herbal teas instead of just plain water.

Check with your doctor if any of the herbs below may be used in combination with the medication (no interactions or inconvenient side effects) or how any of these teas for UTI may be used to help prevent recurring bouts.

The Best Teas for UTI

In the presence of mild urinary tract infection, herbal teas may help bring relief or prevent the onset of UTI if you are prone to this form of infection.

  • Buchu tea South African herb well-known for helping to cope with infections in the urinary tract, including mild forms of cystitis. Its diuretic and cleansing action may be a plus, bringing balance to an overwhelmed system.

  • corn silk
    Corn silk tea often recommended to flush out harmful toxins for the urinary system, this herbal infusion is said to help clean and protect the inner lining of kidneys, bladder and urethra.

  • Cranberry tea rich in vitamin C, this is one of the most recommended teas when it comes to protecting your urinary tract. It boosts your immune system and helps to flush out E. coli, by coating bladder walls. Later you may use it as a preventive measure and to tone your urinary tract.

  • Dandelion tea this diuretic herbal infusion is particularly recommended when flushing out toxins from your body. It is rich in potassium, an element that tends to be depleted when there is an increase in urination.

  • Horsetail tea the herbal infusion to take to clear the bladder and kidneys of harmful elements. It helps to strengthen the muscles and organs in the urinary system, thus reducing the chances of forming kidney stones or the occasional bed wetting.

  • Marshmallow tea known for bringing relief in the presence of inflammatory conditions, painful urination and bladder irritation. It may also boost immunity and defenses in the bladder and kidneys, preventing future infectious conditions.

  • Nettle tea rich in vitamin C and potassium, this infusion provides a healthy combination to keep your organism in balance while its diuretic action clears away unhealthy elements and reduces water retention.

  • Uva Ursi tea also known as Bearberry, may be used to calm irritations in your urinary organs. It may also function as an antiseptic diuretic, helping to soothe, cleanse and flush out toxins from your urinary tract.

Other Herbal Teas for Urinary Tract Infection

Other teas for UTI may be found particularly in found among those that help strengthen the immune system, not only helping to flush out the toxin, but also in creating a protective barrier to prevent future infections and promoting a strong urinary system.

  • For UTI infections: astragalus, bilberry, chamomile, cleavers, echinacea, juniper berries, pau d arco, rosehip, saw palmetto, slippery elm, thyme, yarrow.

  • For UTI prevention: boxwood, couch grass, damiana, goldenseal, hawthorn, plantain, raspberry.

  • For incontinence or bed wetting: bladderwrack, damiana, St. John s wort.

  • For kidney and bladder stones: bitter orange, cleavers, fennel.

Try these Teas for UTI!

Other Suggestions for UTI Prevention and Relief

Important: As stated above, while herbal teas may be helpful in increasing urine production and providing nutrients your immune system may be lacking, it is important to get tested to determine the severity of the infection before the bacteria causes damage to your kidneys and bladder.

  • Drinking plenty of water is essential on a normal day, but when you have UTI it is even more so. Consider drinking the suggested teas for UTI that increase urination and so help to flush out as much of the foreign element as possible.

  • Vitamin C is an essential element to prevent UTI by protecting the inner lining of your urinary tract. Make a note to include more items in your meals that include this vitamin: oranges or other citrus fruits, cranberries, broccoli, green and red peppers and so on.

  • Green tea is not included in the list above, but perhaps it should be. It is said to be helpful in flushing out toxins as it is a diuretic beverage, and it may also boost of your immune system defenses reducing the risk of future urinary tract infection.

  • Personal hygiene will of course reduce the chances of UTI. It is a fact that the physiology of women make them more prone to urinary infections, so personal hygiene is paramount, particularly after intercourse.

  • When it comes to bed wetting or incontinence, it is best to begin with a medical checkup to see if it is possible to determine a physical source of the problem. You may also need to resort to physical exercises and particular teas for UTI that help tone and strengthen your urinary tract.

  • In the case to bedwetting in children or adults, do not discard the need to change up some of your routines (for example, late night ingestion of liquids), or the need to talk to a specialist to deal with stress or anxiety that may be causing these issues.

In Summary

Just remember, UTIs are nuisance, but they need to be delt with as quickly as possible and with help of specific teas for UTI, you may even reduce the risk of this problem recurring in the future.

And think, if you have to drink plenty of liquids throughout and every day, why not drink teas that taste good and may bring you a variety of benefits with each cup?

Choose the tea that best suits your needs and keep hydrated!

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