Matcha Tea
A World of Benefits Inside a Bowl

Matcha tea combines the elegance of the Japanese Tea Ceremony with an extraordinary world of benefits.

A single serving will boost your metabolism and feed you with an infinite amount of antioxidants, to protect your mind and body.

This is indeed a different tea and we are glad to introduce you to it and let you discover a whole new experience.

What is Matcha Green Tea?

Matcha is a Japanese powdered green tea, traditionally served in the Japanese tea ceremony. It is made from the finest Gyokuro green tea leaves, which undergo several transformations before becoming that green coloured powder you can touch, smell and savour.

This tea came to life in China, during the Song Dynasty (960-1270 AD) and it was brought to Japan by the monk Eisai in 1191 AD. This highly nutritious green tea stands out because you actually consume the whole leaf, rather than just the water extract.

This will offer you an immense amount of antioxidants, which will happily perform wonders in your body, especially if you chose to drink organic matcha.

Koicha and Usacha – Matcha Tea secrets

This ceremony tea has two types – Koicha and Usucha, also known as thick and thin tea. They are considered premium grade Matcha teas.

Koicha rises from the leaves of plants that are a minimum of 30 years old. It is more expensive and it dazzles you with a sweet fragrance and flavour. To have a taste of it, you need to use more tea and less water to create a greenish tasteful creamy mixture.

Usucha leaves come from plants less than 15 years old. To prepare this exquisite type, you will need more water and less tea. When drinking it you’ll experience a stronger flavour and feel all those powerful green tea properties flowing inside you.

To better understand how these leaves turn into that magic matcha powder, let’s have a look at the processing art.

Processing Matcha Tea

  • Uji Tawara is the perfect setting to create this tea. A foggy climate and different temperatures for 24 hours help these leaves grow gently.

  • The leaves are plucked once a year in the spring. The difference starts here: a few weeks before harvest, the leaves are covered with bamboo mats and grown under shade, thus increasing their chlorophyll content.

  • Afterwards the leaves are steamed, dried but instead of being rolled, their veins are removed.

  • In the end the leaves are stone ground into a fine powder texture.

Now look at that same green powder. Smell it, feel it between your fingers. Amazing isn’t it? Well it gets even better!

Join us and find what green tea health benefits this powdered drink can offer you and your loved ones.

Matcha Tea Health Benefits

Be prepared as you are about to enter a whole different world. This beverage may actually be the king of teas. Have a look and savour it.

  • Weight Loss Aid

    Once again, tea is an important ally to help you lose weight. But be ready for this, matcha catechin amount is 137 times higher than in brewed green teas.

    Don’t forget that you have the privilege of consuming the whole leaf, which will boost your metabolism by 40%, helping you burn fat faster and still keep your energy levels.

    Combine this with a healthy diet and some physical exercise and you won’t stop looking in the mirror!

  • Cancer Prevention

    Catechins, marvellous antioxidants, are only found in green tea, and matcha tea leaves contain 60% of it! Now imagine what it can do for you if you drink it on a daily basis...

    It will boost up your immune system, making it stronger to fight cancer cells.

    Even better, these antioxidants block a necessary enzyme – urokinase - to the development of tumors. Give it a try!

  • Detoxifying Agent

    Want to get rid of all those nasty toxins in your body? Matcha powder will do wonders for you.

    Again the presence of EGCG and high chlorophyll content protect you against harmful bacteria and it removes heavy metals and toxins from your system.

    It cleanses your body and purifies your spirit.

  • Calming Tea

    Do you feel tired and stressed? Are you eager to relax and still stay focused? This beverage may just help you with that.

    This heavenly tea contains the perfect combination of L-Theanine, an amino acid that relaxes the mind; and caffeine which allows you to remain alert and still gives you the necessary energy to get through your day.

    This is why Matcha is immensely cherished among Buddhist monks – it assists them in meditation. A peaceful, clean and aware good is that?

  • Disease Protection

    With every sip you take you absorb a high amount of minerals, nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins that pleasantly protect your body from several illnesses.

    Are you worried about your heart? Don’t be. Matcha antioxidants will lower the risk of stroke and heart disease, when consumed on a daily basis. It will also reduce bad cholesterol and regulate your blood sugars levels.

    For you to understand how powerful this tea is you should know that the nutritional value of one cup of matcha is equivalent to 10 cups of brewed green tea. It is amazing what this tea can do for you!

  • Healthy Stimulant

    Yes, like all green teas, matcha also contains caffeine, but what you may not know it that the caffeine you look for in tea is not the same you find in coffee.

    Coffee gives you energy and keeps you alert right away. However, it doesn’t last for long, does it? That is why you keep drinking it during all day.

    The caffeine present in this tea and in other teas is slowly absorbed into the blood, due to an important compound called tannin.

    This amazing compound allows the caffeine to be released progressively (6-8 hours), which means that you will feel more alert, focused and energetic for a long time, while drinking a much healthier stimulant.

Other important health benefits of Matcha Tea:

  • Green tea antioxidants help slow down the aging process, so you will look younger, feel fresher and your skin will happily thank you.

  • Its compounds help protect against ulcers, viral and bacterial infections and osteoporosis.

Matcha Tea Side Effects

When drinking this tea you should be aware that inferior green teas may have high levels of metals like fluoride, lead and aluminium.

This may lead to the formation of dangerous compounds such as aluminium oxide, which has been found in patients with Alzheimer. Further studies are however required.

Now to get the most out of your tea, especially this powdered beauty, you have to brew it the right way. Sit tight and get ready to experience a whole new adventure.

How to Brew Matcha Tea

This ceremonial tea is embellished with an elegant ritual. You are not just preparing tea. You are taking part of an ancient, pure and royal practice.

If you really want to experience it, you should gather all the necessary tools: a matcha bowl; a bamboo whisk; a bamboo matcha scoop; a linen tea cloth; a matcha sifter and a thermometer.

If you can’t find all these items, do as you can, but just try it. You will understand why.

Step 1

Use spring water to preheat your matcha bowl and whisk it with hot water. Be aware that the temperature should be around 75 to 80ºC (approx. 165 to 180ºF), so under the boiling point.

Wait a couple of minutes and then remove the water and dry the bowl very carefully. Preserve about 70ml of the hot water if you are preparing Usucha and 40ml to Koicha, and place it in a separated bowl to cool down.

Step 2

With your bamboo scoop measure about ½ to 2 scoops of Matcha tea for Usucha and 3 to 4 scoops for Koicha, and plunge it into the bowl. Try to avoid any clumps formation by sifting it.

Step 3

Get the bowl with hot water and check its temperature. If it is between 70ºC – 80ºC (approx. 160 - 175ºF), pour it into your matcha bowl and whisk it.

Step 4

Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. See how the green powder gains life and texture. Whisk it in W movements until you obtain a thick froth with several bubbles.

If you wish to try Koicha you should perform circular movements which will offer you a smoother mixture, with no froth.

Step 5 and last

Drink it immediately.

Here’s an important tip: to keep your tea fresh, store it in your refrigerator in an air-tight container and consume it within 2 to 4 weeks after opening.

Other uses for Matcha Tea

These days, Matcha tea is also used for other purposes. Matcha powder is one of the main ingredients in green tea ice cream and is added as flavoring to some western deserts and drinks, such as lattes and iced drinks.

In Japan, it used in sweets and it is added to other types of tea.

Whether you are looking for a higher grade of tea to drink and to feel dazzled by its health benefits or a lower grade to go with your meals and surprise your family and friends, Matcha tea will take you in an adventure you will never forget.

Protection is the key and Matcha will certainly be your shield. So are you ready to try a cup of Matcha?

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”In the Taste of a single cup of tea you will eventually discover the truth of all the ten thousand forms in the universe.”
- Attributed to Kyongbong Sunim, Ch'an (Zen) Master

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