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Issue #32 - January 2021

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In this issue we are going to take a look at herbal teas that may help with an issue that could happen to any of us at some point in our lives.

UTI (urinary tract infections) are a common illness and, unfortunately, some people are more prone to getting them than others.

First and foremost, go to your doctor and get tested. UTIs may be caused by a variety of bacteria with different levels of sensitivity to antibiotics. Left unchecked, these bacteria could cause serious damage to your kidneys and bladder.

With test results in hand, your doctor may now prescribe the appropriate medication and, of course, tell you to drink lots of liquids. This is where herbal teas may help.

Let’s begin!

Top 5 Herbal Teas for UTI

teas for uti
The heat of the summer months makes drinking liquids so much easier. Drinking two liters of water in January is not as appealing, is it?

However, you do need to remain hydrated, particularly when you are facing a Urinary Tract Infection.

What follows is a list of five herbal teas that could help you possibly prevent or speed up treatment of UTI. Talk to your doctor about these herbal remedies, to make sure they are compatible with the prescribed medication.

Buchu Tea

(agathosma betulina)

An herb from South Africa made popular because it is often used to help cope with urinary tract infections.

It is said to boost urine production to help flush out the cause of the infection, aiding in the dissolution and elimination of kidney or bladder stones.

Consider this nourishing tea, if you have a weak urinary system and could use help to prevent occasional bedwetting.

Find out more about this particular herbal tea here.

Cranberry Tea

(accinium oxycoccos)

This berry typically appears at the top of the list of remedies for UTI. Rich in vitamin C and other elements, cranberry tea should be a part of your diet.

One of the most common bacteria that cause UTI is E-coli, which attaches itself to the inner lining of your bladder and urethra causing irritation and painful urination.

Cranberry tea is said not only to help you fight the infection by boosting your immune system defenses, but also by coating the lining of your urinary tract, aiding in the prevention of recurring infections.

Dandelion Tea

(taraxacum officinale)

Teas recommended for fighting urinary tract infection generally increase urine production, which means that they help you flush out the toxic agents at the source of the infection. Unfortunately, they also deplete your body of essential nutrients.

Dandelion tea is highly recommended on its own or as an ingredient in a blend for UTI, as it is rich in potassium, helping you retain this element. Potassium is responsible for flushing out excess sodium and so keeping your blood pressure in check.

It also cleanses your urinary tract and boosts your immune system.

Find out more about this particular herbal tea here.

Horsetail Tea


(equisetum arvense)

The ideal herbal tea to strengthen your urinary tract. It may boost defenses against infection and flush out toxic elements that cause irritation and harm.

Its diuretic action is said to be helpful when it comes to cleansing the body, reducing water retention, and helping you to pass kidney or bladder stones.

Horsetail tea may be viewed as a tonic for the urinary tract, strengthening muscles and organs. You may experience an improvement in your urinary function.

Find out more about this particular herbal tea here.

Uva Ursi Tea

(Arctostaphylos uva-ursi)

Also known as Bearberry, this herb is said to make an infusion that may help to soothe irritation in the kidneys and bladder. Its antiseptic property may help to cleanse and flush out the toxin at the source of the urinary tract infection.

As a diuretic tea, it helps your body to eliminate excessive fluids, but more importantly it calms, protects and soothes your urinary tract.

This is an essential herbal tea if you are looking for home remedy that helps to strengthen your urinary tract, reducing swelling of bladder and the urethra.

In conclusion

There are many other teas that may help prevent or ease UTI, the above five are just suggestions to get the conversation with your doctor started.

If you are curious about these and other teas for UTI, check out the page below:

Remember to keep hydrated and stay healthy!

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