Teas for Diabetes
Helping you Manage your Insulin

Teas for diabetes may help those suffering from this illness, helping to better manage your blood sugar levels.

First, a word of warning, if you suffer from Type 1 diabetes and need to take insulin, then it is important to talk to your doctor. Some herbal teas may be helpful for some people, but may cause serious problems when combined with your insulin medication.

Those with Type 2 diabetes, or non-insulin dependent diabetes should also speak to a doctor as there may be more options available to you when it comes to managing blood sugar levels through the use of herbal teas.

Diabetes if not kept in check can cause complications such as dental problems, loss of eyesight, heart disease, stroke, kidney problems, nerve damage and foot numbness, injuries and numbness. So, if drinking herbal teas to help prevent the onset of these issues, then it’s definitely worth taking the time to talk to your doctor about them.

A Choice of Herbal Teas for Diabetes

There are a number herbal teas that may be a good option for those who have type 2 diabetes. Unsweetened, they make flavorful alterative to sodas and other sugar and calorie-rich beverages, allowing you to stay hydrated and manage your blood sugar levels.

  • Bilberry tea – this is a small bush with colorful leaves that made into a tea are said to help increase insulin production and help keep blood sugar levels low and in check. It is often recommended for people with non-insulin dependent diabetes.

  • Burdock tea – South African herb that is often used to brew a detox tea that is said to help cleanse the blood stream, helping to remove toxins and lowering sugar levels in the blood. It is said to help deliver insulin to the body, while containing fibers that help prevent your body from absorbing too much sugar.

  • Cinnamon tea – this warm spice creates a wonderfully fragrant infusion that is said to help reduce blood sugar levels. It blends well with other teas, adding notes of sweetness and thus reducing the need to add sugar to your tea. It may help with complications related with diabetes, so speak to your doctor about this infusion.

  • Dandelion tea – this diuretic and cleansing infusion made is said to help promote a healthy pancreatic function. Dandelion root tea is often used to help boost insulin production.

  • Eucalyptus tea – best known for its benefits to the respiratory system, this herbal infusion also helps to lower blood sugar levels, which could prevent onset of diabetes and the very difficult complications that come when the illness is not kept in check.

  • Ginseng tea – this tonic is often recommended to help boost health and longevity. Among its many benefits, it is often said that ginseng tea may help to regulate blood sugar levels.

  • Hibiscus tea – well-known for helping to control blood pressure, this refreshing tea may helpful for those with diabetes as high blood pressure and heart disease are just two of the unfortunate consequences of this disease. At the same time, this infusion helps your body from absorbing unnecessary sugars.

  • Marshmallow tea – this herb is native to Europe and China, and has long been used as an herbal remedy. Today you may make this infusion if you have diabetes, but are not insulin-dependent. Much like the other teas, it is said to help lower your blood sugar levels.

  • Milk thistle tea – this herb contains elements that may help to keep diabetes in check, by not only reducing blood sugar levels and helping your liver release insulin you may be lacking into your bloodstream.

  • Turmeric tea – this infusion is said to help with insulin sensitivity and help control absorption of sugar into the blood stream. This lovely aromatic spice also brews a tea that helps prevent blood vessels and heart disease, one of the consequences of diabetes.

Other Herbal Teas for Diabetes

Other herbal teas may also help you better manage your diabetes and the health issues associated with the disease. Again, these are suggestions for herbal teas for diabetes that should be discussed with your doctor.

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Other Suggestions for Managing Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious illness that requires care and attention to prevent it from progressing and causing irreversible damage to your body. So, of course the first and most important recommendation is that you follow up with your doctor any herbal remedies that you may wish to take.

There are other options that along with herbal infusions may help you on your journey:

  • Green tea and Black tea: these two types of tea contain polyphenols, caffeine and antioxidants that may help fight the effects of diabetes, such as nerve cell damage, heart issues or lack of immunity. It is also said that they may improve insulin resistance and control blood sugar levels. Consider them in your list of teas for diabetes.

  • Enjoying a healthy diet made up of fresh and nutritious foods, while choosing less high-sugar foods or beverages, or unhealthy fatty foods can help you maintain the necessary balance, and thus making diabetes management that much easier.

  • It’s hard to go with sugary sodas or alcoholic beverages, so learn to explore your herbal teas either hot or cold, to extract flavor and even satiating sensations that could help you curb your wish to have sugar. Although teas may seem the healthiest choice, avoid ready-to-drink versions that almost always have added sugars.

  • Ideally you should also exercise every day, even if it’s just going for a 30-minute walk, not only to control your diabetic conditions, but it is also an incredibly positive way of maintaining cardiovascular health. Your heart tends to suffer greatly if you allow your diabetes to progress unchecked.

  • Learn to read your body to detect signs of changes in sugar levels. Low blood sugar could be as dangerous as high and you may need to know when to correct the situation quickly.

  • Track your progress with a doctor, particularly talk about the medication you are talking and learn how drinking herbal teas regularly may hinder or alter the effects of your medication on your body.

In Summary

Living with a chronic illness such as diabetes, Type 1 or 2, may be exhausting and strenuous at times. Sometimes it may help to find fun and alternative ways to lead a healthier life.

So, explore the world of herbal teas for diabetes, and find blends and delicious herbal options that may make the process of dealing with your particular diabetes an easier task.

Choose teas that sweeten your life and keep you healthy!

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